The Atom+ EP40 (Ocean Blue)

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Perfect additions to The Atom+ EP40 (Ocean Blue)

The Hipbelt Pocket

The Hipbelt Pocket


Sticker Pack

Sticker Pack



Trails are changeable. If you go on a long thru hike then your gear, clothing, food and water requirements will all change as the trail goes on. The Atom+ is the answer – an ultralight pack that can adapt with you to meet the conditions.

Built on the same body as the Atom, The Atom+ gives you the same easy access to everything you need to keep hiking all day long using the five accessible pockets when worn. We increase the torso length a little to accommodate a removable hip belt, the back panel has a removable carbon hooped frame and foam sleeve inserted from the inside. When all of this is stripped from the pack, the bag is 160g lighter and ready for an even more ultralight adventure.

Load capacity
13.5kg / 30lbs 

656g / 23.2 oz (Medium torso, Medium Hip belt)

Height fully unrolled
77.5cm / 30.5

Circumference at base
79cm / 31"

Circumference at top
86cm / 34"

Main body volume

Side pockets volume
2 x 2.5L

The front pocket can stretch to hold up to an additional 5L in volume.


Carbon fibre hoop frame
Carbon fibre frame that can be removed for 55g weight reduction.

Removable Hipbelt
The hipbelt measures 3 inches wide. It is made with 10mm laminated foam and includes 20mm webbing and hardware. It can be adjusted by pulling in towards the middle and it is secured in the centre of the belt by 50mm hook and loop tape. The belt can be removed for a 90g weight reduction.

Padded back panel
Uses shaped 8mm closed cell foam. Can be removed when pack is empty for a 15g weight reduction.

Dual shoulder pockets
Super stretchy and big enough to hold most smartphones, a day’s worth of snacks or a 700ml water bottle. The elastic is fixed and, owing to its clever design, does not need a tensioner.

Bottom pocket
Easy-access bottom pocket with trash port made with Dyneema stretch fabric.

Large front pocket
Made with Dyneema stretch fabric. Can hold 5L, not included in the total volume.

Side pockets
Two 2.5L forward-facing, deep and low side pockets made with 210D Robic Extreema. Each one is big enough to keep 2 x 1L Smartwater bottles steady, yet low enough to reach whilst the pack is worn.

Front zig-zag elastic
Removable and designed to be able to store a folded Z-rest or assist with air drying your clothes.

Side elastic with Lineloc
These are there to secure a pole or tent stakes when stored in the side pocket. If you are wanting to compress the bag, we recommend switching to a non-stretch cord.

Sternum Strap
Elasticated and height adjustable.

Ice Axe loop
Sewn-in loop to easily connect an ice axe or walking poles.


EcoPak EPX200
Body and base

210D Robic Extreema
Side pockets, shoulder straps and hipbelt

Dyneema Mesh
Front pocket and bottom pocket

500D Textured Nylon (similar to Cordura)

A quick video run through

The Atom+

The Atom+

Simple. Lightweight. Durable.

On a long thru-hike your gear, clothing, food and water requirements can all change. The Atom+ is an ultralight pack that can adapt to the conditions of the trail.

Built with

EcoPak EPX200

Durable and lightweight, EPX200 is a recycled 200 denier face fabric with eco DWR finish, blue 45 degree cross ply and white recycled 70 denier backing fabric. 

The EPX200 is our choice for The Atom+ due to its eco credentials, waterproof qualities, light weight and added durability.

Not too shabby on the eye either.

How to Choose

The Atom vs The Atom+

Which is right foryou?

How to choose

The Atom+ vs The Mo

Which is right for you?


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Stefan W.

I bought the The Atom+ EP40 (Ocean Blue) and last week I went on a climbing tour through the mountains. With jagged and sharp stones, shimmy along the mountain and occasionally land on your butt. It didn't harm the fabric of the backpack.

In fact, it rained heavily once and I was so excited that I didn't need a cover for the backpack. I just kept climbing because I was sweating so much that my clothes were wet anyway. But the backpack kept everything nice and tight. A dream!

The snack storage is perfect. Easy to reach and holds everything together nicely. The two mesh holders on the straps also do what they promise. My cell phone was absolutely secure in the compartment.

Unfortunately, shipping and customs import to Germany were quite expensive, but I can only recommend a backpack like this to everyone.

Thank you very much, dear Atom Packs team, for your really light, minimalist, robust and well thought-out backpack! <3


Stefan W. from Germany :)

Love it

This is my second atom pack - I also have a Mo 50L - and, while I love the Mo, having just taken this for its first test on the Beacons Way this week I (think I!) prefer the Arom+. It carries as comfortably as the Mo and still had enough space for both my stuff and my dog’s. What just puts this above the Mo for me is find I the bottom pocket stretchier and the water bottles easier to access. My base weight is around 5.5kg and I purposefully tested the pack by carrying around 6 days food and up to 3 litres water and it was still comfy. While I got close to full capacity I never felt like I was out of space. Just a really well made, comfortable and good looking pack. I would also like to say the customer service was ace - v quick responses both when I emailed on expected delivery dates (thanks Dexter) and also on previous correspondence.

Love the Atom+ pack!

I haven’t had too much experience with this pack in particular, but I was able to test it out on an overnighter recently for 25 miles in the Nantahala National Forest. I have been using a Z Packs Arch Haul for about 3 years and never really liked it and an Osprey pack before that, but as I already spent the money on it I kept using it and always had my eye on an Atom.

I went the the Atom+ EP40 and absolutely love this pack!

I am 5’10” and weigh about 185 and am in that weird size range between a medium and a large. I sized up and went with a large. First off, the this pack is WELL constructed through the seems and the pockets. Second, the EPX200 material feels strong and water tight ready to take some abuse. The shoulder straps and the back pads really help the comfort of this pack.

Again, not too much experience with this pack yet, but a few thoughts right off the hop:

Yes, I would most definitely purchase this pack again and recommend it to friends. The cylinder shape to the body forces me to get smarter in “how” I pack it, not just “what” to pack. The shoulder straps are vastly more comfortable than other packs I've used. The buckles hold up under loaded weight which was a big issue with other packs.

I would like to see a smaller shoulder pocket together with the existing pocket. Other than that, there’s not one thing on this pack I’d change. I absolutely love it and cannot wait to take it out on more trails. Thanks Mo for making this pack for me!


Having dipped my toe into long distance hiking over the last few years, I decided to treat myself (and my back) to a new pack.

The 40L Atom+ I now proudly own is incredibly impressive. Lightweight yet strong, well made, good-looking, hard-wearing, comfy. It ticks every box!

The ability to remove the hooped frame but still be able to pop it back in for heavier loads is a game changer for me.

Two other very clever design features are the shoulder strap pockets and the pocket on the bottom of the pack. Both very useful for accessing items on the go.

I'm staring at my Atom+ now as I write this and I genuinely can't think of a single thing about its design or construction that I'd suggest changing! It's perfect.

Looking forward to putting many miles on it over the coming years.