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Fabrics and fitting

Materials, sizing and getting the best out of your Atom Pack

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A note about fabric selection

Xpac fabrics

Xpac VX07

Weight: 162g per m2 / 4.8 oz per yd2
Face fabric: 70 denier double ripstop nylon

Waterproof and strong enough to be used in almost all applications. VX07 will survive an open trail like the PCT no problem, although if you are regularly going off trail or expect to be bush-wacking or abrading the pack, consider upgrading to VX21. VX07 is a great option if low weight is important and you know how to look after your gear!

Colours: Black, White, Red and Navy Blue


Weight: 203.4 g per m2 / 6 oz per yd2
Face fabric: 210 denier woven nylon
Hard wearing, waterproof and available across the range for a marginal weight gain and hugely increased strength, abrasion and tear resistance. This is the fabric to choose if you will be regularly bush-wacking or abrading your bag. Great for travel, climbing, general abuse. Quite stiff at first but softens with use.

Colours: White, Black, Slate Grey,  Coyote Brown

Plum, Purple, Bahama Blue Spanish Teal,

Federal Yellow, Blaze Orange, Red

Other fabrics

210D Robic Extreema®

Weight: 180g per m2 / 5.31 oz per yd2
Face fabric: None, this is a completely woven fabric.

One of the most time tested and toughest fabrics on the market. Side pockets built with this are much more supple and less stiff than a VX pocket. Choose to have a whole pack made out of it if you wish!
Colours: Olive Green and Black

500D Nylon

Weight: 230g per m2 / 7oz per yd2

Used as standard on all back panels. Using this fabric here gives great strength to all critical seams on the sack. It is highly waterproof and much more comfortable against the skin than X-pac

Colours: Black



How to measure? First find a willing helper to assist you, then take a flexible tape measure or bit of string and place it on your C7 vertebrae (this is the one that sticks out when you bend your neck forward), now place your hands on the top of your hips and point your thumbs horizontally towards your spine, this is your iliac crest. Measure from the C7, following the curve of the back, to the iliac crest. 

Once you have your measurement, select the correct size. If you are right on the gap between two sizes, pick the larger of the two - i.e. a 19 inch torso should choose a Large

Small 15-17 inches

Medium 17-19 inches

Large 19-21 inches

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