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Atom+ Custom

The Atom+ Custom

Simple. Lightweight. Durable

You should choose a custom Atom+ if you wish to have a little more say in how it is made. You can change the colour of each panel and add or remove features as you wish. Custom builds are slightly more expensive at base cost - this covers material wastage and admin time spent dealing with your request. Please finalise your specification with us before placing your order as, once the order is placed, it cannot be changed. If you later wish to change your order, we will have to cancel it and you will need to re-order.

We are constantly updating the site, if you want something you can't see or have a query about a potential build, please message us here.


Trails are changeable. If you go on a long thru hike then your gear, clothing, food and water requirements will all change as the trail goes on. The Atom+ is the answer – an ultralight pack that can adapt with you to meet the conditions.

Built on the same body as the Atom, The Atom+ gives you the same easy access to everything you need to keep hiking all day long using the five accessible pockets when worn. We increase the torso length a little to accommodate a removable hip belt, the back panel has a removable carbon hooped frame and foam sleeve inserted from the inside. When all of this is stripped from the pack, the bag is 160g lighter and ready for an even more ultralight adventure.

Tell me about the Atom+

  • Carbon fibre hoop frame - removable (55g size M)
  • Removable Hipbelt - 3 inches wide, 10mm laminated foam, adjusted by pulling in towards the middle. 20mm webbing and hardware. Secured in the centre of the belt by 50mm hook and loop tape. 90g/3.2oz size medium
  • Padded back panel - shaped 8mm closed cell foam, removable when pack is empty 15g/0.52oz in medium
  • Dual shoulder pockets: Super stretchy and big enough to hold most smartphones, a day’s worth of snacks or a 700ml water bottle. The elastic is fixed and, owing to its clever design, does not need a tensioner.
  • Bottom pocket: Easy-access bottom pocket with trash port made with Dyneema stretch fabric.
  • Large front pocket: Made with Dyneema stretch fabric. Can stretch to hold 5L, not included in total volume.
  • Side pockets: Two forward-facing, deep and low side pockets. Each big enough to keep two 1L Smartwater bottles steady while being low enough to reach whilst the pack is worn made with 210d Robic. 2.5L each
  • Single side elastics – great for securing trekking poles, tent poles or drying your socks. If you want to compress the pack's volume, we recommend switching to a non stretch chord here
  • Front zig zag elastic over the front pocket – useful for stowing items quickly, rigging up solar panels or drying socks etc.
  • Sternum Strap: Elasticated and height adjustable. Removable - weighs 12g/0.42oz
  • Trekking pole loop: sewn in 10mm webbing loop to connect walking poles or an ice axe.
  • Bear can: A BV450 will fit with the base to your back, a BV500 will fit vertically with a little room at the side for a stuff sack

  • 40L: From 600g/21oz(40L size medium in VX07 with medium hipbelt - switching to VX21 will add 28g)
  • 50L: From 630g/22.2oz (50L size medium in VX07 with medium hipbelt - switching to VX21 will add 28g)
Load Capacity:
  • 13.5kg/30lbs



  • Main body of the pack - 35L (measured with roll top closed and rolled 3 times)
  • Side pockets 5L (2.5L each)
  • Large dyneema stretch front pocket can stretch to hold 5L (although this is not included in the  total volume)


  • Main body of the pack - 45L (measured with roll top closed and rolled 3 times)
  • Side pockets 5L (2.5L each)
  • Large dyneema stretch front pocket can stretch to hold 5L (although this is not included in the  total volume)
  • Main body fabric: Your choice of VX07, VX21 or 210d Robic
  • Back panel - 500d Nylon (similar to Cordura)
  • Shoulder straps, side pockets and hip belt - 210d Robic.
  • Front and bottom pockets - Dyneema stretch
  • 15mm High tenacity Nylon webbing



  • Height fully unrolled: 31"/79cm
  • Circumference at base: 32"/81cm
  • Circumference at top: 35"/89cm


  • Height fully unrolled: 33"/84cm
  • Circumference at base: 33"/84cm
  • Circumference at top: 37"/94cm

Watch The Atom+ overview video:



Torn between the Atom and Atom+? Check out our comparison video below:


Torn between the Atom+ and the Mo? Check out our comparison video below:


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Taxes and Customs fees

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