The Atom RE30 (Black)

Torso Size
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Removable Webbing Hipbelt (25mm)

Removable Webbing Hipbelt (25mm)



Aimed squarely at the ultralight hiker, the Atom gives you easy access to everything you need to keep hiking all day long using the five pockets that are easily accessible when worn.

This pack has few load assisting features and, as such, is only intended to be used by those with dialled in gear lists who like to enjoy the freedom of a light pack and moving without a frame or hip belt.

Load capacity
9kg / 20lbs max

Pack weight
408g / 14.4oz

Height fully unrolled
68cm / 27"

Circumference at base
76cm / 30"

Circumference at top
84cm / 33"

Main body volume

Side pockets volume
2 x 2.5L

The front pocket can stretch to hold up to an additional 5L in volume.


Dual shoulder pockets
Super stretchy and big enough to hold most smartphones, a day’s worth of snacks or a 700ml water bottle. The elastic is fixed and, owing to its clever design, does not need a tensioner.

Bottom pocket
Easy-access bottom pocket with trash port made with Dyneema stretch fabric.

Large front pocket
Made with Dyneema stretch fabric. Can hold 5L, not included in the total volume.

Side pockets
Two 2.5L forward-facing, deep and low side pockets made with 210D Robic Extreema. Each one is big enough to keep 2 x 1L Smartwater bottles steady, yet low enough to reach whilst the pack is worn.

Front zig-zag elastic
Removable and designed to be able to store a folded Z-rest or assist with air drying your clothes.

Side elastic with Lineloc
These are there to secure a pole or tent stakes when stored in the side pocket. If you are wanting to compress the bag, we recommend switching to a non-stretch cord.

Sternum Strap
Elasticated and height adjustable.

Trekking pole loop
Small, removable elastic toggle to connect walking poles or ice axe.


210D Robic Extreema

210D Robic Extreema


210D Robic Extreema
Side pockets and shoulder straps

Dyneema Mesh
Front pocket and bottom pocket

The Atom

A quick video run-through of The Atom

The Atom

Made for Movement

Aimed squarely at the ultralight hiker, The Atom gives you easy access to everything you need to keep hiking all day long.

Built with


210d Robic Extreema is one of the toughest backpack fabrics on the market.

The fabric is soft to touch and has a PU coating so is highly water resistant.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Wow! Love it

I have an original GoLite backpack, which has now been totally surpassed by my newly arrived Atom Pack. Congratulations on this cornucopia of well-loved features, all the way down to the mysterious chest buckle whistle. It addresses all the issues I had with my beloved GoLite and goes way beyond. Side pockets! Shoulder strap pockets! Dry bag closure! Thank you SOOOOO MUCH!!!

Ben B
Awesome all round lightweight pack

I ordered the RE30 model as a potential replacement for my normal daypack (Arcteryx Aerios 15) with the intention of lightening up my load, increasing useable volume while also servicing wider needs as a general pack.

On opening the box I was immediately struck by its beauty (if a backpack can be such a thing). The mixture of the grid fabric, colour accents and black stretch front panel look absolutely epic in the flesh. On inspection of the pack I was blown away by the bombproof nature of the fabrics, stitching and general quality.

I found the capacity a touch too small for all of my overnight kit so I decided to give the RE40 a look. I got in touch with customer services and Rachel was very helpful and enabled me to have a look at the RE40 and return which one I didn’t want, which was pointless in the end as I kept both!

The harness system is good (although I do miss the slightly more accommodating harness on my Aerios 15 with its extra pockets and ability to fully store running style collapsible bottles). The side pockets are very accommodating and the front stretch pocket is my favourite new storage location, overall the entire ‘system’ just works.

My concluding thoughts are one for the hopes and dreams pile, but if Tom and the team ever ventured into the fast packing arena, the RE30 downsized to a 20-25 litre pack with a running vest style harness system would be tough to beat…I’d absolutely buy one…or if old habits are anything to go by, I’d perhaps buy two!

Top Notch

This year I've done several sections of Via Czechia in preparation for next year's through-hike. I can honestly say, that the Atom is the most comfortable backpack I`ve ever owned. Not just the most comfy frameless... no. I find it more comfortable than any pack I ever owned.
I wanted some custom bits done, and Tom was nothing but helpful.
Can recommend, 10/10

Perfect Bag

I bought the Atom RE30 to use as a day bag - and it works brilliantly. Loads of room for kit , and the outside pockets are perfectly positioned for phone , drinks and snacks.
The bag was ordered with the hipbelt , and this works really well. A comfortable bag , I would happily use this for a long distance walk - 30 litres is enough space for me . Great job Dexter . Cheers

Great backpack for many uses

I bought the Atom backpack a little over a year ago and I have absolutely loved it. I have done everything from camping trips to grocery store runs to vacation travel to climbing a mountain with it. The backpack has been so versatile, durable and just comfortable for all different uses and loads, and it still looks pretty much brand new even though it's been through a lot. A fantastic product and awesome customer service as well!