Ultralight Backpacks

By Volume

Here, you can explore our collection of backpacks organised by their volume.

Please note that the carrying or load capacity differs between models, even though they may be available in the same volume.

30–35 Litres

Our sub 40L models do not have hipbelts or frames, making them ideal for Super-Ultralight thru hikes and Lightweight weekenders.

40 Litres

A 40L backpack is the ideal size for ultralight thru hikes or lightweight weekend trips for the disciplined backpack packer.

50 Litres

A 50L backpack should be your go to for a lightweight thru hike using modern gear where a little extra volume can come in handy. We have two models available to support different pack weights.

60 Litres

Our 60L packs are heavy duty, yet still sub 1kg in weight.

Great for: Long thru hikes where gear, food and water requirements can make things a little heavy.

If you are new to the idea of lightweight backpacking, or aspire to update your backpacking gear, a 60L Mo is a very good place to start.