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What is the lead time?

The lead time is the estimated time between placing an order and it leaving our workshop. The lead time for new orders can always be found in the top banner on any page of our website.

If you have already placed an order, you will have received an email with an estimated shipping date, this date is still accurate unless we have emailed you saying otherwise. Pre-existing orders can ignore any lead time updates to the website, this is relevant for new orders only.

Can you ship internationally?

Yes! Shipping rates are calculated at checkout based on your delivery information. If you live in a remote location, we may occasionally need to charge a small extra surplus for shipping. This will be calculated when we ship the pack.

Full details on our shipping page.

What does it cost to ship a pack?

Full details on our shipping page.

What taxes and customs charges will I pay?

Atom Packs is registered for VAT in the UK: GB329424790

All prices displayed on our site include VAT at 20% unless otherwise stated.

Customers outside the UK are not liable for UK VAT and any VAT included in the price will be automatically deducted at checkout. However, you may be liable for your country’s import duties and tax.

Full details on our shipping page.

What is your refund policy?

Please see our refunds page.

I do not live near you, do you have a stockist elsewhere?

No, we only sell directly to our customers. We are more than happy to help you as much as we can, either on email or over the phone, to make sure you are confident in selecting the right pack for you.

Backpacks FAQ

How do I measure my size?

Check out our video guide which shows you how to measure your torso and hips to get the right size pack for you. 

Can I come to the workshop to be fitted and to see the packs?

Yes! Please contact us to arrange an appointment beforehand.

Are your packs waterproof?

We use highly waterproof fabrics but we do not tape the seams (with the exception of Ultra 200 packs). Therefore some water may ingress into the pack during periods of extended rain.

We sell waterproof ultralight Nylofume® bags which can be used as a pack liner to protect your important items from becoming wet.

Do your packs come with load lifters?

Load lifters come as standard on The Mo, The Atom and The Atom+ have been specifically designed to work at their best without them.

Do your shoulder straps come with daisy chains?

Yes. Packs with load lifters have a daisy chain running the length of the strap, packs without load lifters have a daisy chain on the bottom half of the shoulder straps. Both are accessible underneath the shoulder pocket, where fitted.

Do your packs fit Bear Cans?

Yes, a BV450 and BV500 fits vertically in all 40L, 50L and 60L models.

Can I carry my pack on an airplane?

Most of our packs can be packed to fit as carry-on luggage, but it is dependent on the airline so please check the airline specifications against the size of your pack. The frame size is the big limiting factor as it cannot be made smaller unless removed - this is listed on the product page for your backpack.

I can’t choose between The Atom, The Atom+, or The Mo. Can you help?

Check out our videos comparing the features of the different packs.

I want a customisation that is not available on your website, can you do this for me?

To help us work more efficiently and make sure you have faster access to high quality lightweight packs we have decided to reduce the amount of “off menu” custom work that we offer. You can still order a personalised custom version of The Atom, The Atom+ and The Mo by changing colours and adding or removing pockets as well as new removable features available to add to your order or to buy at a later date, allowing you to create a pack that’s right for you!

If you have a super awesome idea that you just really want us to hear about, feel free to get in touch.

Fabrics, Care & Repair FAQ

How do I clean my pack?

If you are on a long hike, it can pay to give your pack a clean every now and again to stop things getting too funky. You can either clean the pack using warm water, soap and a soft cloth or, if you are feeling fancy, put on some relaxing music, fill a bathtub with warm water (not too hot, as it could damage the fabric) and throw the pack in for a good soak, leave it a few minutes, agitate and repeat, changing the water if necessary. Finally, rinse and hang upside down over the bath to air dry.

Can I have a Dyneema Composite Fabric (DCF) backpack?

We no longer offer DCF as an option.

We do now have Ultra 200 which is more durable and contains three times as much UHMWPE fibre, for far higher abrasion resistance!

What’s the difference between Dyneema® Stretch and Bullet Net front pockets?

Dyneema® Stretch is a technical stretch fabric used in applications that require maximum abrasion and cut resistance. It has a really good looking sleek and slim line look on the pack can stretch to hold up to 5L (not included in the volume).

Bullet Net has small 3mm holes in it, making it great for drying items whilst on the move whilst still being able to see where everything is.

Do you have a repair service?

We can only repair Atom Packs products. Get in touch with us to discuss the repair and costs. Please note you’ll need to pay postage costs to send the pack to us and to have it returned back to you.

If you are on a long trail in the USA…

In the event your pack needs to be repaired whilst on trail, we have partnered with a repair company in the USA so that we can get your pack repaired and back to you as quickly as possible. If the repair is deemed a warranty issue, we will cover the cost of the repair and may even be able to ship you a loaner pack so that you can keep hiking - get in touch with us to discuss this further.

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