Custom Packs

Get the benefit of our tried-and-tested packs but tailored to your exact needs and colour choices.


The pack customiser

Our updated product customiser lets you create your pack just the way you want it. Based on our popular core pack range, our customiser allows you to tweak everything from size and materials to colours, pockets and straps. With a real-time visual preview so you know exactly what you're getting.

Our bags are all made by hand in our Keswick workshop, exactly to your specification. Owing to the extra care and work required for custom builds, the lead time for custom packs is longer than for our standard packs.


The Mo

Lightweight design. No compromise.

This pack is the culmination of everything that we have learned over the years, both as backpack users and as makers.

If you need a lightweight, rugged, fully-featured backpack that you can rely on to haul whatever load you can fit in it, then the Mo is the backpack for you.

Volumes: 40–60L


The Atom+

Simple. Lightweight. Durable.

Trails are changeable. If you go on a long thru hike then your gear, clothing, food and water requirements will all change as the trail goes on. The Atom+ is the answer – an ultralight pack that can adapt with you to meet the conditions.

Volumes: 40–50L


The Atom

Made for movement.

Aimed squarely at the ultralight hiker, The Atom gives you easy access to everything you need to keep hiking all day long.

Volumes 30-40L

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to make a custom pack?

We operate with a lead time which can change depending on order volume. It is typically 10-12 weeks or so. Up to date lead time information is found at the very top of every page on the website.

Each custom backpack takes us around four hours to complete. It's a bit slower than making a Standard backpack, as we have to make sure we get all of your requests just right.

Can I request changes after I've placed my order?

No. In our experience making changes to your order makes us 100 times more likely to make a mistake, as such we cannot accept amendments to custom orders once they have been placed.

If you want to change your order you will need to cancel and reorder, placing you to the back of the queue.

We kindly request that you make sure you are 100% confident with your order before placing it.

What is the return policy for a custom pack?

Unless we have made a mistake, all fulfilled custom orders are final.

Make sure you are 100% on your sizing before you place your order.

Something wrong? Send us an email with your order number.

Are custom packs better than your standard packs?

This is a deeply philosophical question! Whether you order a custom or a standard backpack, they are built to the same core design and will have the same load carrying capacity.

The big difference is that you can change the colours and change some features on a custom build - whether it's better or not is in this case entirely subjective!

How much will my custom pack weigh?

The customiser will show you the dynamic weight of your selection just above the price. This is an estimate but is normally accurate to within +/- 10g or so.

I have more questions...

Send us an email and we can help. Contact us