Ultralight Backpacks

By Style

Here, you can explore our collection of backpacks organised by their model.

Starting from the biggest and most fully featured – The Mo – down to the smallest and simplest – The Nanu.

The Mo

Volumes: 40L, 50L, 60L

The Mo is the culmination of everything that we have learned over the years, both as backpack users and as makers.

If you need a lightweight, rugged, fully-featured backpack that you can rely on to haul whatever load you can fit in it, then the Mo is the backpack for you.

The Notch

Volumes: 40L

The Notch is a compact yet robust thru-hiking pack created to be a resilient companion over thousands of miles of hiking.

The Atom+

Volumes: 40L, 50L

The Atom+ backpack is the ideal choice for lightweight thru hikes and weekend trips.

The Atom

Volumes: 30L, 35L, 40L

The Atom doesn't have a hipbelt or frame, making it ideal for Super-Ultralight thru hikes and Lightweight weekenders.

The Nanu

Volumes: 25L

From a daily urban carry to an adventure in the hills, the Nanu has got your back.

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