The Atom+

The Atom+ hits that sweet spot between a frameless and a fully featured pack.

The lightweight carbon frame and removable hip belt offer just enough support to help you when things get heavy, but are still flexible and light enough for true ultralight adventures. 

Feel like you don’t need it? Take the frame out and leave it at home. Want to try hiking hipbelt-less? Take the hipbelt off and see how it feels.

Weight from 650g / 22.92 oz (40L, size M)

Load Capacity 13.5kg / 30lbs 


Packing Space

Main Pack body
The main body of the pack is completely open, yours to fill as you wish. It is secured with a roll top closure that clsoes dry bag style.

Large front pocket
The front pocket can be sewn in either Dyneema Stretch material or Bullet Net, both offer capacious storage. The Dyneema Stretch is better for a cleaner aesthetic and off trail bushwacks (doesn't snag easily) and the Bullet net is better for packing wet gear and improved visibility of items but can snag when bushwacking. The bullet net option will increase the measurable volume of your bag by 5L.

Side pockets
Each side pocket can hold 2.5L and is perfectly shaped to carry 2 x 1L smart water style bottles with ease. You can use the elastic drawcord to secure these items whilst walking and, should the elastic ever break or wear out, we have designed it to be easily replaceable.

Load Carrying

S-shaped shoulder straps
Sewn using 10mm foam, durable 210d Robic Extreema face fabric and breathable, soft 3mm spacer mesh.

Carbon fibre hoop frame
Carbon fibre frame that can be removed for 55g weight reduction.

Removable Hipbelt
The hipbelt measures 3 inches wide. It is made with 10mm laminated foam and includes 20mm webbing and hardware. It can be adjusted by pulling in towards the middle and it is secured in the centre of the belt by 50mm hook and loop tape. The belt can be removed for a 90g weight reduction.

Padded back panel
Uses shaped 8mm closed cell foam. Can be removed when pack is empty for a 15g weight reduction.

Sternum strap
Elasticated and height adjustable.

Ice Axe loop
Sewn-in loop to easily connect an ice axe or walking poles.


Shoulder pockets:
Super stretchy and big enough to hold even the biggest smartphones, a day’s worth of snacks or a 700ml water bottle.

We offer these in sewn in or removable options. Our preferred choice is for sewn in as standard.

Front zig-zag elastic
Removable and designed to be able to store a folded Z-rest or assist with air drying your clothes.

Side Compression options

Elastic: These are there to secure a trekking pole or tent poles when stored in the side pocket, also a handy place to dry socks

Webbing: If you are carrying anything heavy in the side pocket, these are a slightly stronger option than elastic and have much greater compression strength



  • Weight* 650g / 22.92 oz
  • Load capacity 13.5kg / 30lbs 
  • Height fully unrolled 77.5cm / 30.5
  • Circumference at base 79cm / 31"
  • Circumference at top 86cm / 34"
  • Internal volume 35L
  • Side pockets volume 2 x 2.5L

* Based on Medium Torso Size before additional customisations


  • Weight* 675g / 23.8 oz
  • Load capacity 13.5kg / 30lbs 
  • Height fully unrolled 84cm / 33"
  • Circumference at base 84cm / 33"
  • Circumference at top 94cm / 37"
  • Internal volume 45L
  • Side pockets volume 2 x 2.5L

* Based on Medium Torso Size before additional customisations

The Atom+

A quick video overview of the Atom+

The Atom+

Simple. Lightweight. Durable.

The Atom+ is the quintissential modern hiking pack, effortlessly finding a balance between simplicity and functionality.

Designed for hikers who want to travel light without compromising on comfort, The Atom+ incorporates a removable padded hipbelt and a carbon frame into our classic ultralight design.

Good to Know

Can it fit a bear can?

For larger packs (EP40 and above) a BV450 will fit with the base to your back or a BV500 will fit vertically with a little room at the side for a stuffsack.  

How long will it take to make?

Making great things takes time! Our lead time lets you know our estimated production time frame, this will change depending on demand, time of year and staff availability.

The up-to-date lead time can be found at the top of every page on our website and is relevant for all unfulfilled custom orders on our books.

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping rates are calculated at checkout based on your delivery information.


£3.95 Small Parcel (every small parcel ships on a 2 week lead time)
£7.95 for orders over £140 


£10 5-10 Days
£25 for orders over £120


£10 5-10 Days
£25 for orders over £120

The rest of the world

£15 10+ Days
£35 for orders over £120

If you live in a remote location, we may occasionally need to charge a small extra surplus for shipping. This will be calculated when we ship the pack.

Customers outside the UK will not be charged the 20% VAT included in almost all of our prices, but you may be subject to local tax and import duties.

Full details on our shipping page.

Can I check out in a different currency?

Yes! Scroll right down to the bottom of the website and on the left you can select your home currency - this will automatically show you the correct VAT free price for your country.

Built with

EcoPak EPX200

Durable and lightweight, EPX200 is a recycled 200 denier face fabric with eco DWR finish, blue 45 degree cross ply and white recycled 70 denier backing fabric. 

The EPX200 is our choice for The Atom+ due to its eco credentials, waterproof qualities, light weight and added durability.

Not too shabby on the eye either.

How to Choose

The Atom vs The Atom+

Which is right foryou?

How to choose

The Atom+ vs The Mo

Which is right for you?


Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Taylor Brady
Exceeds expectations

I ordered the Atom+ Custom 50L in anticipation of a winter Death Valley trek that had to be scuttled due to lingering storm damage. This review is based on a series of long day hikes, all packed between 22 and 30lbs.

In that context, this is the best-made and most comfortable pack I've owned. The combination of frame, perfectly-shaped and spaced and padded shoulder straps, and minimal but effective hip belt distribute weight amazingly well.

Based on previous reviews (e.g., 2/28/23) I went with the bullet net front pocket for extra capacity. It has survived a bit of bushwhacking, although I probably won't be plowing through late-summer manzanita with it. I also got the Y strap closure in case I ever need to top-carry a bear canister. And lovely colors, because why not?

A few minor quibbles to address:

-- "You'll miss load lifters": I really don't. See above re: load transfer. Or go with the Mo.

-- "You'll miss air on your back": It is a sweaty carry, without a doubt. But those arched-back airflow designs allow my terrible posture free rein to slump or arch, after ten miles of which my middle-aged back simply quits. At least for me, sweat and a back pad with better ergonomics are far preferable to dryness and sciatica.

-- One observation of my own: The sternum strap--needed for load distribution at heavier weights--fits my chest, but only just. It might be good to include a chest measurement in the order process, in case there are others even more box-shaped than I am.

almost(!) perfect

I spent a 14-days-hike in the Slowenien Alps with the complete tent-overnight-equipment and am very satisfied with the Atom+ (50 l).
BUT the holes for the two inside poles at the bottom are much too short, so the poles flipped off almost every day.

And the "flexible" front-pocket is far away of the flexibility I hoped to get.
(See also this customer review: "solid construction with one annoying front pocket / cb on Feb 28, 2023)

It's like my two favourite packs had a baby 🐣

After chatting with @tom.atko on the Huemul Circut, I seriously considered having an Atom+ Custom-shaped hole in my life. And I'm glad I did. Regarding features, sizing and construction, it's like my two favourite packs (Arc'teryx Arrakis and Gossamer Gear Gorilla) got drunk one night, got pregnant and had an amazing baby. It'd be rad if AP took inspiration from GGs sit-pad-cum-back-panel genius, but that's about it. Great pack, am super stoked.

solid construction with one annoying front pocket

i cant say enough about the construction and quality of this pack. the customer service was beyond what id ever expect. how ever after getting it out on a few longer hikes the front pocket drives me up a wall. i ordered the stretchy front pocket and it is beyond tight. every time i try to stuff my gear in that pocket it gets snagged or my snacks get crushed. it barely holds my usual gear for that pocket( stakes, poo bag, small ditty bag, and snacks). judging how well thought out and constructed the rest of the bag is, i sometimes wonder if it was a little mishap in the sewing process. i would recommend either ordering the bullet net or specifically asking for a looser fit on that pocket. other than this one annoying aspect, i love this pack

Finding The Best

By the time I ended up with the Atom+, I got my gear dialed in, and got experienced enough to know most of my needs regarding dimensions, features.
Taking it out of the box was love at first sight, but when I packed it for the first trip, and put it on my back, I knew this was THE One.
Had an Osprey Atmos AG 65, GG Mariposa, and a Naturehike 30l. I always felt them lacking in some ways, or that they could be improved in some ways. Don't have that feeling with the Atom+. During my first trip with it, I was constantly amazed by the small details, which showed the creators really perfected the bag based on their own experiences and testing.
The dimensions are 100% perfect for UL gear. EPX200 material is great (very close to XPAC, but feels and looks a bit nicer).
The measurements for torso and belt were perfect (just follow the instructions on the sizing guide video).
Was never a hipbelt fan, but this one's is great, you can barely feel it, and it stabilizes the pack. (Now I feel a bit sorry for not ordering the hipbelt pockets.)
Gave a call before ordering, Tom himself picked up the phone on my first try, and gave me all the answers to my remaining questions.
Even if I really had to say one bad thing with a nitpicking approach, nothing comes to my mind, this bag is simply perfect. Totally worth the price, no regrets.
Such a top notch company! People of Atom Packs, thank you for making my pack, and I wish you the brightest future! :)