The Mo EP50 (Black)

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The Hipbelt Pocket

The Hipbelt Pocket


Sticker Pack

Sticker Pack


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It took us 12,000 miles of hiking to design our perfect backpack: the Mo - a lightweight, fully featured load hauler, purpose built to support you on your next adventure.

We designed The Mo to suit the average thru hiker using modern, lightweight gear, with a base weight of up to 10kg/22lbs. We use lightweight, durable materials that are easily able to cope with heavier loads and heavier use. If you are heading out onto rough and overgrown trails like then the Mo is for you!

With a load capacity of 19kg/42lbs and pack weights starting at just 910g/32oz for a size Medium, The Mo won't weigh you down. 

Load capacity
19kg / 42lbs

910g / 32.1oz (size Medium)

Height fully unrolled
82.5cm / 32.5"

Circumference at base
87.5cm / 34.5"

Circumference at top
94cm / 37"

Main body volume

Side pockets volume
2 x 2.5L

The front pocket can stretch to hold up to an additional 5L in volume.


4 inch wide Dual adjustable hipbelt
Comes with 4 adjusters that tighten by pulling inwards allowing you to dial in the perfect fit. 

Lumbar pad
Made with 10mm EVA foam and 3mm thick spacer mesh.

Plastic Frame with removable Alloy stay
Removable frame sheet made of 1mm thick plastic with a sewn-in 12mm / ½" alloy bar. The frame for a medium torso length weighs 91g of plastic, and 58g of alloy.

Padded back panel
Uses shaped 8mm closed cell foam. Can be removed when the pack is empty for a 25g weight reduction.

S-shaped shoulder straps
Sewn using our own laminated 10mm foam, durable 210d Robic Extreema face fabric and breathable, soft 3mm spacer mesh.

Roll top closure 
The closure has a 15mm vertical side compression. The roll top can also be clipped together at the top (dry bag style) and the side compression clipped around the front of the bag to aid carrying snowshoes or maybe a huge packs of chips etc.

Z side elastics
Great for securing trekking poles, tent poles or drying your socks.

Dual shoulder pockets
Super stretchy and big enough to hold most smartphones, a day’s worth of snacks or a 700ml water bottle. The elastic is fixed and, owing to its clever design, does not need a tensioner.

Hydration tube port

There is an access port behind each shoulder strap, allowing access inside the bag where there is a hanging clip for your bladder.

Bottom pocket
Easy-access bottom pocket with trash port made with Dyneema stretch fabric.

Large front pocket
Made with Dyneema stretch fabric. Can hold 5L, not included in the total volume.

Side pockets
Two 2.5L forward-facing, deep and low side pockets made with 210D Robic Extreema. Each one is big enough to keep 2 x 1L Smartwater bottles steady, yet low enough to reach whilst the pack is worn.

Front zig-zag elastic
Removable and designed to be able to store a folded Z-rest or assist with air drying your clothes.

Side elastic with Lineloc
These are there to secure a trekking pole or tent poles when stored in the side pocket..

Sternum Strap
Elasticated and height adjustable.

Ice Axe loop
Sewn-in loop to easily connect an ice axe or walking poles.


Ecopak EPX200
Body and base

210d Robic Extreema
Side pockets, shoulder straps and hipbelt

Dyneema Mesh
Front pocket and bottom pocket

500D Textured Nylon (similar to Cordura)

The Mo

A quick video run-through of the features

The Mo

Lightweight design. No compromise.

It took us 12,000 miles of hiking to design our perfect backpack: the Mo – a lightweight, fully featured load hauler, purpose built to support you on your next adventure.


The Atom vs The Mo


Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Thomas Pasquill
4th year, still like new.

Just a well built bit of kit. Bought mine in November 2019, it quickly became my daily pack on and off the trail. Pockets are all in the right places, I've never felt there was any feature missing (no gimmicks that end up never being used), and most impressively after 4 years all the stitching and seams are solid. No defects. I've probably way overloaded it many times doing weekly shops, and it's not really designed to distribute that much weight, but it's been a trooper nonetheless. When actually used for the purpose it was designed for it's been perfect.

I did ask for 2 custom options, a small external zipper pocket in the roll-top, and reflective material used in the piping. The small pocket in particular has been the thing that's made the pack practical off the trail for more daily use and I'm really glad it's there (for keys, loose change etc. on hikes i use it for easy over the shoulder accessible snacks and sunglasses :P). The reflective material was just for peace of mind as I do nursing shift work and always walking home in the dark, works for me, your milage may vary.

Really appreciate any company that makes things to last, good job guys.

Great pack

Great pack. I have done about 300 miles with it now including the Pennine Way and it still looks like new. The back frame took a little adjusting to get comfortable but once adjusted to my back it has been super comfortable. It carries really nicely and I never noticed any real pressure on back shoulders. My pack weight varied between about 10-15kg and it had no issue. I was a bit worried that it would be really sweaty without any back venting but this wasn't an issue at all. The shoulder straps and hip belt seem to dry out immediately when they get wet which is great. The only change I would make would be to have a small internal pocket to put keys in. Overall, really happy with this pack and expect it to last me many years.

Simply the best!

This is simply the best backpack one could wish for! While hiking the PCT I noticed that quite a few people were changing their packs early on, which made me even more appreciative of the pack I was carrying. My Mo carries like a warm embrace and even when I groaned when picking up the pack on days with long water carries, I was surprised that once I had cinched the hip belt, it wasn’t that big of an issue anymore. That is why I still absolutely love my pack and would always recommend anybody to get one as well.
Will get an Atom 30l soon as a day pack as well.

Petri Anne
100% recommend!!!

This backpack is everything!! Super comfortable and has everything you need. I used it on my thru hike of the Pacific Crest Trail and it was perfect the whole way. The load lifters helped with the long water carry in the desert. It fit a bear canister perfectly in the high Sierra. I love that I can fit the canister inside the pack so I don’t have to top load. The Mo carries weight so comfortable and is still lightweight. Very durable as I finished the PCT (over 4000 km!) and the pack still looks great. Also the mesh pockets are still great and are not saggy or anything. Honestly nothing bad to say! The only thing I would change is save a little bit more money next time and get customized colors.

The pack I've been waiting for...

I've struggled with pack comfort for a long time so took the leap and bought the Mo 50L after recommendations. Have to say this is a brilliant pack, lightweight, super comfortable and really easy to adjust to get the perfect fit. I carried approx 11kg inc water which it handled no problem. The shoulder pockets are great too - I've even managed to dispense with my trusty OMM chest pouch! I took the Mo on a weeks hike across the Cumbria Way recently, it's first proper test with me and was chuffed with it. Would def recommend. Thank you.