Is there a correct way to put a backpack on? Yes, and it all starts with the haul loop. Whenever you are not carrying your backpack on your back you should carry it using the haul loop, this will avoid putting unnecessary strain on your shoulder straps (or top strap or front pocket… we’ve seen it all). 

  • Loosen all the straps on your pack, then use the haul loop to lift the pack, bend your knee and use your leg to support the pack while you slide your first arm through the shoulder strap, then, with your other arm, slide the pack into position over your back, now you can release the haul loop and thread the other arm through the other shoulder strap. Video here.
  • Now to get it strapped in. Start with getting the hip belt in the right place on top of your hips. Cinch in the hip belt to a comfortable tightness. 
  • Next tighten your shoulder strap webbing -  we are aiming for the straps to be simply snugged up, we are looking for the hipbelt to be taking the majority of the weight here.
  • If you have load lifters you can tension these now too. 
  • Finally clip up your sternum strap and cinch it in to a comfortable tightness. Need to adjust the height? Slide the adjusters up or down the webbing, if you need to remove it to adjust more, watch this video