Current lead time as of 16th November: 7 weeks


The Mo - 60L

The Mo 60L:

The culmination of everything that we have learned over the years, both as backpack users and as makers, if you need a functional, lightweight, fully featured backpack that you can rely on to haul whatever load you can fit in it, then the Mo is the pack for you. Weather you are embarking on a thru hike, or looking to get into backpacking for the first time, this pack will comfortably accommodate all of your gear. It’s available in three volumes: 40L, 50L and 60L and, with a selection of options to suit your needs, this pack is ready to take on whatever you can throw at it. A higher volume Mo will give the option for greater flexibility as your equipment and gear needs change, or where resupply points stretch out and greater food capacity is needed

If you want a more heavily customised Mo, please head over to our Custom Mo section

Although she may look similar to the Atom+, that’s where any similarities end – she is its much older cousin, and she’s ready for work.

Watch The Mo overview video

Torn between The Mo and The Atom+?

Check out our video explaining the specs and features of both these backpacks.

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