The Removable Shoulder Pocket


The Removable Shoulder Pocket offers a larger, removable alternative to our standard fixed shoulder pocket. With added size and an elastic drawcord for enhanced security, this pocket easily attaches to any 15mm webbing using clips, making it ideal for packs equipped with load lifters or extended daisy chains.

Please note that the Removable Shoulder Pocket is not compatible with straps that already have a fixed shoulder pocket.

Adding the Removable Shoulder Pocket When Customizing Packs:

When ordering a custom pack, ensure that you have not selected  the 'both' option under the fixed shoulder pocket menu. At least one strap should be chosen without the fixed shoulder pocket for the menu to appear.

Then, in the add-ons menu, you'll find the option to include the fixed shoulder pocket. If you're ordering The Atom or The Atom+, remember to select extended daisy chains for the menu to become visible.

Certain features of your pack may render others incompatible, which is why some menus are hidden.