This Item normally ships within 2 weeks

Sometimes things break! If you need a replacement buckle then select the one you need from the list below.

Our 15mm Buckles are used in these locations:

  • Roll top closure (all models)
  • Vertical side compression straps (The Mo, The Notch)
  • All top straps (Single strap and Y strap)

Our 20mm Buckles are used in these locations:

  • Hipbelt webbing closure (The Atom+ and The Mo)

Please note: If part of your buckle is sewn in (as in on the Atom+ hipbelt, the roll top etc) then you might need to take it to a gear repair place to get it fixed. If you need help then send us an email to hello@atompacks.co.uk with some photos and we will gladly assist you.

If you need the complete webbing and buckle for your hipbelt check here for The Atom+ or The Mo